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About Marine Air

Marine Air provides complete HVAC systems – including controls and accessories – for a wide range of marine vessels. Air conditioning systems are available in seawater-cooled self-contained, split-gas, and chilled water configurations; air-cooled HVAC is offered for a variety of special applications.
Marine Air specializes in custom solutions to unique HVAC requirements. Our world-class engineering team can design your vessel's air conditioning system or review your design and specifications to make sure everything is correct. HVAC systems are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008-certified facility in Pompano Beach in southeast Florida, using only marine-grade materials and components.
Since 1994, Marine Air has provided air conditioning and refrigeration systems with green refrigerants. We lead the industry in the development of globally compliant marine air conditioning systems.


Mason Heydt started Marine Air Systems in his garage in the 1970s with a line of chilled water products. Soon after, Marine Air developed a comprehensive line of direct expansion equipment.
In 1977, Marine Air became an affiliate of N.A. Taylor. This partnership gave Marine Air access to enormous resources for product research and development. As a result of this partnership, Marine Air revolutionized the industry with a self-contained ductable unit in the 1980s. This became the cornerstone for the company.
Marine Air expanded into the marine refrigeration market with the acquisition of Grunert in the 1980s.
By the end of the 1980s, Marine Air was eager to diversify its product offerings and expand into larger yacht applications. The solution was the introduction of a complete line of chilled water systems, including the development of the modular chilled water systems (MCW). The MCW concept allowed for easier installation in the boat, as each module can be installed separately.
In 2003, Marine Air was acquired from Taylor Made Corporation by the Dometic Group and continues to be an important part of the Group's brand portfolio.